pist kum karıştırıcı kullanılmaktadır. Bu karıştırıcı, pistin düzleştirilmesini sağlamakta ve bu şekilde atlara adil bir yarış ortamı sağlamaktadır. Pist kum düzleştirme


Arena Sand Mixer is designed for mixing and smoothing sand and synthetic tracks. It has four functions that it performs at the same time. Front discs scramble the surface of the track. Anchors in the middle dig the track. The excavated area is softened by the pipe at the back. And finally, the cylinder is compressed by the disc and becomes ready for use. Thanks to the depth adjustment of its anchors, it can be used differently on different surfaces. A 50-horsepower tractor is sufficient for its use. In addition, it can be produced in larger and smaller sizes according to demand.


Arena Sand Mixer General Information

Arena sand mixer ensures that the sand on the runway is mixed in a short time and the runway is flattened. Arena runway sand mixer, which does not require maintenance for a long time, can be easily used in every hippodrome. Bekpınar, which brings you cheap track sand mixer models, allows you to make training and race tracks ready for running at affordable prices.
Arena track sand straightener is among the robust and durable equipment. These products are used by being mounted behind various tractors and similar vehicles and thus help the preparation of the entire track in a short time. You can buy one of our arena track sand mixer models that create a more suitable racing environment for horses.

Arena Sand Mixer Features

Arena sand mixer provides you with an easier usage opportunity thanks to its many features. Thanks to this track sand mixer, you can make any race track you want suitable for running. Our sand mixers, which were previously preferred for many famous hippodromes, are also suitable for use in farm and race tracks in similar areas. Other features of our Arena quality runway sand straightener models are as follows;
It has high quality,
It is robust and does not break as a result of impact and similar effects.
It is durable, so it is among the equipment you can use for a long time.
It requires little maintenance. In this way, you do not have to strain your budget except for the purchase process.
It has different functions and usage possibilities. This feature allows you to do many operations with the arena runway sand mixer.

How to Use Arena Sand Mixer?

Our Arena runway sand mixer models, which have 4 different functions, have different colors and designs. This product is produced in the width or half of the racetrack. In addition, our runway sand straightener models can be produced according to your requests.
The racetrack sand regulator, which allows you to use 4 functions at the same time, can be used quite simply. The only step you have to take after purchasing the sand mixer is; It is to connect the sand mixer to the tractor and similar off-road vehicles by using the connection point. The Arena track sand mixer, which will act in accordance with the direction of the vehicle, ensures that the entire track is suitable for running.


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